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Our audit team is authorized to conduct audits by the Financial Supervisory Service, the financial regulator of Korea. The team has extensive field experience and in-depth knowledge in auditing for companies in medical device, construction, entertainment, manufacturing and IT to name just a few. We are fully capable of making every client compliant.

Our service includes

        Statutory Audit

        Special purpose Audit

        Due Diligence


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Accounting & Tax

Both in theory and practice, accounting and tax management are inseparable: accounting prepares the ground work for effective tax management. Its quality is directly linked to tax outcome and financial decisions, such as the corporate income tax. Our tax experts understand very well how important accounting and tax management are for clients. That is why we deliver unparalleled hands-on services to ensure clients produce optimal tax strategies perfectly aligned with their overall business strategies. With their strong background in GAAPs and taxation, our tax specialists keep clients well-informed about approved accounting practices and provide insight to solve intricate tax issues.  

Our service includes


        VAT return

        Withholding Tax return

        Corporation Income Tax return


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We provide a seamless and full line-of-sight guidance throughout the process of incorporation to global multinational companies. In collaboration with our legal partner who has a vast experience in working with international companies, our incorporation team studies our clients well to deliver incorporation strategies tailored to best fit the goals, size and the nature of their businesses and to foresee the implications on tax management.

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